The Womb Wise Woman®

Welcome, I know you're here because you're ready to rise up, claim your womb power & discover a whole new level of healing and connection to your mind, body and soul.

You intuitively know that there's more to your menstrual cycle and womb, perhaps you've been charting and already seen shifts in your self-care and wellbeing. You can sense that there is more to uncover.

Womb Healing

More and more of us seem to be experiencing menstrual, fertility or menopause symptoms. Our womb stores emotional imprints, not only from previous experiences, but from our ancestors and even past lives. This energy becomes blocked, which can affect our health, impacts on the way we show up in the world and our reduces our self-worth.

I work with you to release energy and subconscious blocks to support you in unlocking the most powerful, vibrant and confident version of you. Since initially balancing my cycle and my hormones through womb healing, I’ve discovered the true depth of this work. Womb healing, when combined with hypnotherapy and menstrual cycle awareness, has the ability to balance and support on a multidimensional level.

Including releasing subconscious and conscious beliefs, emotional healing, physical healing through slowing down, managing stress and hormonal balancing. Womb work also unlocks stagnant throat energy, so that you can speak your truth and communicate your needs and desires. It also helps you to feel safe, secure and in control within your own body.

We were taught for years that our natural cycle is an inconvenience and a curse. Yet in actual fact it’s our greatest source of power, creativity and healing.


Womb Wise Woman® & Shamanic Womb Priestess

Working with me includes nervous system regulation, self-nurturing and creating a sense of self-compassion. With beautiful energetic practices that you can incorporate into your daily life to celebrate your cyclical nature and Womb Wisdom.

You know that you're worthy and ready for deep transformation.

I guide you through a process of learning to live in a way that honours your cyclical nature, while increasing your sense of self-worth and personal power.  We will heal and reconnect you with your body, your cycle and your soul.

How I Can Help You

As a Womb Energy Healer, Menstruality Mentor & Womb Wise Woman® I help you to re-balance your creative womb energy. Releasing energy, emotions and subconscious beliefs, so you can live your most expansive life.

I'm here to support you all the way. Having also struggled for years, initially with painful periods and migraines. Then hyperthyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome and an absent cycle for 5 months. I re-balanced, healed and conceived our son through the methods I learnt for my clients.

I had the pleasure of a 1:1 with Hayley last week, and I can highly recommend it.

Hayley has this incredible energy & presence and helped me quiet my mind and listen to my inner guidance. It was a transformational experience, and I’m excited to continue working with Hayley in her Luna Alchemy Program.



Client Love

"Working with Hayley has been just what I needed at this point of my TTC journey. Her gentle nature and sympathetic ear has made me feel heard, supported and reassured.

I love the many aspects that her fertility coaching covers. From her knowledge on women's health, to meditation, visualisation and aromatherapy, I like the message she brings in connecting back to your body and your cycle - When you are struggling with fertility it can be a difficult relationship! She has helped me stay calm, positive and hopeful, and talked me down when I am overthinking or dealing with guilt or shame around me natural feelings.

I've no doubt that she would be a great support system for any women trying to understand their body and cycle better."

1:1 Coaching Client

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