I'm so happy that you've landed here. Our stories may be different, but perhaps you can relate?

In 2017, I felt totally disconnected from myself, I’d had no cycle for 5 months. A scan and blood tests revealed I had polycystic ovaries, along with high levels of testosterone and low levels of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin.) As well as having no cycle, I was experiencing painful acne under the skin on my chin and hair growth on my face.

I knew that I didn't want to consider medication, at least initially and wanted to try to manage the condition holistically. So I reduced my sugar intake, walked more and made time for me. I managed stress with aromatherapy and energy healing. I charted how I felt each day, initially using the moon phases, which correspond with our inner phases.

Within two months my menstrual cycle returned and stayed regular. Having previously had a cervical biopsy for abnormal cells, overactive thyroid, as well as PCOS, I was so scared that we wouldn't be able to conceive.

I had left my corporate nursing job due to stress and commuting to set up a holistic therapy treatment room. Seeing many clients for fertility, stress, menstrual and menopause, I began to train in nutrition, aromatherapy and for fertility and hormone health.

It was during training in Womb Healing training with Miranda Gray that I met someone with the same medical history as me. She was sat looking radiantly pregnant!

That was it, my mindset changed from hoping to get pregnant, to preparing my body ready to conceive.

I continued to support my hormones through menstrual cycle awareness, nutrition, aromatherapy, reflexology and womb energy healing. Making sure that I managed stress and focused on my mindset with hypnotherapy and saying the affirmation daily "Thank you for my healthy fertile body."

I trained in reflexology for fertility and pregnancy and performed hand reflexology on myself daily.

I wrote in my journal in January 2019 that I was so happy and grateful for our autumn baby.

At last I fully trusted in my body and surrendered.

I found out that I was pregnant later that month and my waters broke two weeks early in October. I had a beautiful birth, using lavender and clary sage essential oil and hypnotherapy to stay relaxed.

I knew straight away that I wouldn’t want to return to hands on therapies when our baby was born. I couldn’t face the idea of leaving our little one who we'd dreamed of for so long.


So I added to my coaching qualification with Fertile Body Method and hypnotherapy training, meaning I could work online from home.


I thought the worrying was over, however I really struggled with my mindset as a new mum. Putting so much pressure on myself and feeling anxious having wanted our baby for so long.

Eventually I realised that I hadn't applied what I know to be true about self-worth, perfectionism, subconscious beliefs and mindset to Motherhood. Once I did, the change was incredible and almost instantaneous. A powerful reminder of the importance of mindset and belief re-programming.

These days, I no longer struggle; I rest when I need to. I take naps in the day if I need to, I feel worthy just for existing on this Earth, because let's be honest, life is too short not too.

My confidence shines, I feel so sure of who I am and my purpose.

I know now that I am enough.

  I do the work I do to see other women and people who menstruate to know themselves on the deepest level. To see them unleash their confidence, true power, joy and purpose. To see them achieve their goals and celebrate their unique, wonderful self. To see them step up and claim themselves unapologetically.

Because it's from this place of self-love and self-worth, rather than deprivation or struggle that we can truly make changes to our life and wellbeing.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the call but Hayley has a very warm energy and I felt instantly at ease. This isn't always easy when meeting someone over Zoom. In all, I thought it was brilliant, Hayley is clearly very good at what she does.

During the call I felt understood, listened to, just talking through things was like a light bulb moment every time. I can see that working with Hayley will bring clarity, healing, focus and confidence. I am worthy and don't have to figure out things alone.

I had the pleasure of a 1:1 with Hayley last week and can highly recommend it.

Hayley has this incredible energy & presence and helped me quiet my mind and listen to my inner guidance. It was a transformational experience.


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