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I began training in natural healing in 2012 and opened my therapy business in 2015. I'm fully insured, experienced and have completed extensive training in all the therapies I offer.


Including: Holistic nutrition, nutrition for fertility and pregnancy and aromatherapy, specialising in hormones, fertility and pregnancy.

Fertility and pregnancy Reflexology. I'm not currently providing hands on treatments, however can show you relaxing tips and techniques to use at home.


I am an authorised Moon Mother, meaning that I can provide womb healing and blessings. These are just the most gorgeous, nurturing treatments that can be provided online.

I have trained in mind-body techniques, herbalism, counselling, coaching, flower remedies and menstrual cycle charting. Including Fertile Mind Body Method.


I also worked in conventional healthcare for over 17 years, 9 of which were as a registered nurse. I regularly supported women experiencing hormonal and menstrual cycle related symptoms, endometriosis menopause, PCOS and difficulty conceiving.


I worked in ultrasound, pregnancy and gynaecology clinics, surgical ward & outpatients. A&E and ITU.  I am therefore well versed in the frustrations and difficulties you may have experienced in the conventional medical system along your journey so far.

Everything I offer works alongside conventional treatments.


Why should you book with me?


Having experienced my own hormonal issues and fertility challenges, I'm so passionate about what I do.


My mission is supporting women with their menstrual health and fertility journey, if pregnancy is their intention.

I help them to release overwhelm, develop a healthy mindset, create balance and find joy in their lives.

With my help they can address any potential blocks to their optimal health and fertility.


They stop lying awake second guessing themselves, knowing that they have support in place from someone who understands and truly gets it.


This enables them to stress less, relax more and find peace, even if initially they think this isn’t even remotely possible during what can be a difficult time.

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