Mindset Coaching

You're pursuing your dreams and have big goals, but there's this little voice inside that holds you back.

It's the voice that tells you to hold back, for fear of being "too much" and to tone yourself down incase you annoy people.

The voice that tells you not to get too excited about something, just in case it doesn't work out.

I have a question for you, what if this voice wasn't the voice of reason, but the voice of keeping you small?

As we travel through life, we pick up subconscious beliefs about ourselves and what's possible, based on other people's perceptions and the way that they treat us. For many of us, we were raised to be children who were praised for doing well and being seen, but not heard.

We were told not to be too big for our boots and absolutely under no circumstances to be a show off.

This has caused us to grow up into adults who struggle to feel confident and articulate our desires. Who measure our worth based on external achievements and validation from others, which can lead to overworking and burn out.

We believe that success must come with stress or sacrifice, because we can't possibly have everything we long for with ease...

Except you can... I coach you to welcome more success, happiness and abundance through increasing your confidence & self-worth.

I love seeing my clients expand into their best version of a successful and fulfilled life while doing it on their terms.

Our coaching sessions are based around positive changes to your thoughts, subconscious beliefs and daily habits. While increasing your self-worth and confidence, which starts with self-love.

Self-love is one of your most powerful tools in life when it comes to your confidence and wellbeing. When I talk about self-love, I'm talking about a real, deep appreciation, respect, and love for yourself.

For all parts of you and for exactly who you are.

When you love yourself, you accept all facets of your being as worthy.

You no longer seek perfectionism, external achievement, or appreciation from others as validation of your worth. When you love yourself, you hold your boundaries.

You get to truly know yourself and your desires. You understand your values and live in alignment with them.

You release feeling guilty (even when you rest, or buy things for yourself!) doubting yourself and gain total clarity of where you want to be and how to get there.

With this comes confidence, you stand in your power, and from this place, you feel worthy of attracting everything that you desire.

Work with me one to one to:

  • Feel comfortable shining bright, sharing your passions, your true feelings, wants and needs.

  • Uplevel your mindset so that you become unstoppable and achieve your biggest goals.

  • Release guilt if you take time off and increase your ability to relax and switch off.

  • Feel calmer and more confident than you've ever felt before, find a self-care routine that feels in alignment, no matter how busy you are.

  • Say goodbye to procrastination, imposter syndrome, hustling and self-sabotage.

  • Confidently express yourself and put you own needs, desires and goals first (I know that doesn't sound easy as someone who's used to taking care of others before themselves!)

  • Learn strategies to feel less anxious and to stop overthinking in its tracks. Learn how to honour and release emotions, rather than try to ignore or numb them.

  • Learn how to change negative thoughts around and shift your perspective, so you become a magnet to more opportunities and goodness into your life.

  • Implement supportive habits and self-love that will help you to increase your success without sacrifice.

  • Let go of conscious and subconscious beliefs or fears holding you back.

  • Welcome more balance, whether that's work-life balance or balance to support your welbeing goals.

Align & Shine coaching is bespoke to you, I do not provide a one size fits all approach, as your needs are as individual as you are.

As an accredited hypnotherapist, coach, Reiki Master Practitioner and menstruality mentor my approach is unique and focuses on my S.S.H.I.N.E System™

Subconscious Beliefs & Mindset

Soul & Strategic Alignment

Habits and Daily Aligned Actions

Intuition and Inner Wisdom.

Nervous System Reset.

Energetic & Emotional Healing.

Our work together will help to increase your confidence, your self-worth and change your thought patterns, so you begin to attract more abundance into your life.

Re-connect you with your intuition and inner knowing

Rewire your brain to adopt positive beliefs and mindset

Transform your confidence and shine your brightest

Heal your emotions, heart and self-worth. Develop self-love

Balance your energy & connect to your passions

Before my session, I struggled with perfectionism, fear of being visible on Social Media, fear of what other people might think of me and fear of failure. I have been putting
off creating my first Social Media posts for several months because of all those
fears. I know that being visible on Social Media would help me attract new
clients, but I was stuck and couldn't bring myself to take action. What I loved most
about our session was the many actionable steps you gave me. I now have so many
ideas and inspirations and thanks to your amazing action steps, I also have a
clear direction and know what I can do next. I also loved that you wrote a very
detailed e-mail after our session with everything we discussed in our session
as well as action steps I can immediately implement. I felt really safe and supported during our session. You immediately understood me, my situation and my problems and took in everything I said. During our session, I felt like a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders. You gave me so many tips, inspirations and action steps that I feel will really help me in the future!"

I felt so supported and reassured. You took me seriously and made me feel really valid.
It was great having somebody to talk me through my fears and realizing that I
can work on resolving them. You are such a warm, caring and empathetic person
and a great listener! I know now what I
can do on a daily basis to keep myself in a positive state of mind (e.g.
meditation), but also what my next steps are to reach my goals. I loved that I
got tips on how to work on my internal world, e.g. my negative thought patterns
and beliefs as well as what action steps I can take to make my goals a reality.
Your tips were no broad and general recommendations, but real and actionable
tips that I can implement right now!

I now feel empowered and more confident to create and post my first posts on Social Media. By doing so, I'm sure I will attract more (dream) clients which will really
help me move my business forward this year.

I will definitely be recommending you to people I know who struggle with similar issues.”

Jana Moldenhauer

I can feel such a difference inside me. Like I feel lighter if that makes sense. I got a few people messaging me about the post I did the other and the one today saying how interesting it was and how different they found the post and that they felt my passion and authority on it. So it's definitely something people have noticed, so thank you for giving me the confidence! Definitely see why you're a success and confidence coach! Xxxxx"

— 1:1 Client

“I'm already seeing big shifts in my life and business.  For example, I recently received an email with a bespoke request that I knew instantly wasn’t something that I wanted to be involved in. Before joining the program, I’d have either said yes and then begrudgingly completed the project. Or, I’d have said no and then felt immense guilt and second guessed myself whether it was the right decision.

Through working with Hayley I was able to say no and confidently stand firm with my boundaries. I can also see now that I’ve been undercharging for my skills and going forward, will charge more for bespoke work.”
— Kary Purvis

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