Other Services for Your Fertility Journey


Blood Tests

Comprehensive hormone and fertility blood tests. If you've been trying for a while you'll be keen to find out what's happening and what you can do naturally to support your chances of conception. I can advise which blood tests are recommended for your circumstances and arrange them for you if necessary.

Nutritional Support

You've probably heard that optimal nutrition, herbs and supplements can help you to conceive. There's literally hundreds of options and approaches which is time consuming to research! I can help to take the guess work out of finding what's suitable for your needs. Save yourself from endlessly trawling the internet and spending unnecessary money. 

Cycle Charting

You might be using a fertility app, but did you know that many are not accurate or clinically tested? It's important and empowering to fully really understand what's happening in your cycle, whether you've ovulated and if not, what may help to get your cycle back on track. I can help you to chart your cycle to maximise fertility and to show you a way that you can actually use your cycle as a basis for self care, as well as charting your fertility. 

Mind-Body Techniques

It's well documented that our health and therefore our fertility is connected to our mindset and stress levels. I can help you to restore feelings of calm and relaxation, balance your hormonal system, reduce cravings for sugary or fatty foods and sleep better. When the body is in a state of anxiety or stress it's difficult to achieve optimal fertility and fertility challenges themselves are highly stressful. I can help you to identify and resolve areas that may be impacting on your stress levels and help you to create balance as you prepare to welcome your baby. 

1:1 Online Appointments 

Congratulations on taking the first step to being in control of your health and fertility! Let's work together to support you on your fertility journey.


All appointments are conducted over Zoom/Facetime/Skype and last.

Three month In Flow & Fertile packages are available to maximise egg and sperm health and increase your chances of conception.

We'll devise a plan which may include cycle charting to optimise chances of conception, lifestyle, nutrition, suitable herbs, aromatherapy, mindset and mind-body relaxation and hypnotherapy methods. 

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