Alchemise the power of the moon into your life

Are you ready to...

  • Step into the power and magic of the moon and learn how to manifest your dreams?

  • Discover a way to support and honour your mind, body and soul in just a few powerful minutes a day?

  • Learn a cosmic framework to manifest more of what you love, more magic, more abundance through a deeper connection with the luna phases and the cycles of nature?

  • Take control and reclaim your intrinsic feminine power?

We are cyclical beings, craving connection, balance and ancient wisdom. Sign up to the Luna Alchemy® course to unlock the mysteries and magic of the moon, for an empowered, beautiful life.

Everything you need to get started charting and journaling with the moon

Learn about each phase of the moon for self-care, manifesting your goals and

Includes journal prompts, workbooks, meditations and videos to support you.

Connect with your intuition, your inner rhythms and the cycles of the moon and the seasons.

Contains beautiful self-care and journaling rituals.

As well as aromatherapy and crystal recommendations for each phase to support your Luna connection.

You'll receive all of this...

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook® group, ask questions and connect with others on a similar path, as well as free healing events and additional resources.

  • PDF download of the 91 page Moon, Magic, Mindset & Manifesting Journal

  • Full description of the energy of each moon phase, as well as ideas to weave this power and wisdom through your life.

  • Grounding and gratitude meditations. Luna terminology, moon facts and charts.

  • Luna Journal to record how you feel during each phase. Guide to Luna self-care for each phase.

  • Work and business tasks for each phase and beautiful Luna Wisdom workbook.

  • Luna charting guide and gorgeous moon chart, plus how to create a vision board and manifest with the moon.

  • Guide to living and working during the new moon and new moon ritual, waxing moon, full moon and full moon ritual and the waning moon.

  • Making Moon Magic, creating sacred space, Luna Goddesses, animals, astrology and gardening with the moon.

  • Charting the moon for self-care and success recorded workshop (37 minutes)

  • Full moon gratitude and Luna Reiki Energy Healing recorded workshop (50 minutes)

Join now for just £27

(Or Bundle with the Womb Wisdom Course for just £37 and save £17!)

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Love for the Luna Alchemy® Course...

I ordered the Luna Alchemy course and I’m loving it. I always knew I was affected by moon energy, and I’m learning how to work with it! The course content is great, and it isvisually stunning too. Thank you

— Sally

"Just finished the luna magic course, its beautifully written, loads of information really gets you back out with nature and connecting with yourself xxx"

— Martha

"I highly recommend these incredible courses. I have almost completed my first one and I am so happy at what I have learned so far. I cant wait to delve into my second course. You will not be disappointed."

— Vanessa

Enjoyed the first week of full moon. Thank you for such a beautiful way to start the Luna cycle. I highly recommend this wonderful spiritual awakening journey.

— Laura

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