Menstrual Coaching


Menstrual Coaching is based around Menstrual Cycle Awareness.


It is my mission to spread awareness about menstrual cycle charting.  This path has been life changing for me and I love to share about it with others. This is the stuff we should be taught about as girls!

Charting your cycle is an amazing, empowering self care tool which involves writing down your thoughts, feelings and any signs that you notice throughout each month. 

Cycle charting allows you to connect with your inner wisdom, make informed decisions about your body and take control of your health and happiness. It is your ultimate, in-built and intuitive guide to wellness and self-care. 

By listening to and responding to signs from our body, such as PMT, extreme mood changes, intense cravings and bloating, we can begin to work in harmony and flow with our body, instead of against it.

What I mean exactly, is that each of the 4 phases of our cycle has different energies associated with it. When you chart, you'll begin to see how each phase affects you individually, however here are some general points.

Menstrual Cycle Appointments

Learn to Love Your Cycles (yes really!!) 

Do you struggle with your cycle, or would you just like to deepen your connection to your cycle, your body and your own internal rhythms?  

Love Your Cycles Menstrual Cycle Appointments are a chance to review any hormonal issues you may be experiencing and look at natural ways to restore balance and support your wellbeing. 

We'll devise a plan which will include menstrual cycle charting, along with lifestyle, nutrition, Womb Healing, suitable herbs, aromatherapy, mindset and relaxation methods. Learn about your body's cyclical wisdom and how to live in harmony with your cycle.  

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