Natural Health, Fertility & Menstrual Cycle Expert

Education, Training & Experience
Fertile Body Method Practitioner - Current Training
Mentoring Girls - The Transformative Journey to Womenhood, Journey of Young Women - Current Training 
Menstruality Leadership Program - Red School -Enrolled 2021
Adult Nursing - Keele University
Advanced Diploma Occupational Health - Cumbria University

VTCT Diploma Reflexology 

Reflexology for the fertility journey and pregnancy courses. Reflexology for Palliative Care.


Diploma Aromatherapy.

Penny Price Academy Aromatherapy for pregnancy, hormones and menopause courses.

Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. 


Functional Medicine Alliance

Reframe Nutrition Course 


Food as Medicine Course

Nutrition for Fertility and Pregnancy.


Herbalism Diploma 

Integrative Approach to

Female Health Course.

Integrative Fertility Course, Centre of Excellence in Integrative Medicine.

Women’s Health, Hormones & Cycle Charting Course Women’s Health &

Herbs Course 

Meditation Teacher Diploma

Bach Flower Remedies Diploma.

Flower and Vibrational Essences Practitioner Course. 

Moon Mother Level 1 - Female Energy Awakening System. Trained by Miranda Gray - Womb Healing & Blessing 

Formula Botanica - Diploma in Organic Skincare Science 

Reiki Master Practitioner - Navitas Centre.

Crystal and Colour Therapy Diploma. Holistic Facials.


During our sessions the focus is 100% you, we are all individuals and what worked for me might not be the way for you. However it might help to know a little about me and my health journey. 

As well as being interested in all things holistic, health and wellness, I love being out in nature and going for walks. My husband, James and I live in a lovely village nestled in the Staffordshire countryside with our beautiful baby boy.


My medical history meant that I never really expected to be able to conceive. I had a colposcopy and loop biopsy of abnormal cells aged 18 and was told one of the side effects might be trouble getting pregnant.


At this time I was also taking the contraceptive pill, which I continued to do so for over a decade! I had very few periods over this time, none that were natural and not a pill withdrawal bleed.


Following a period of intense stress after qualifying as a nurse, I was diagnosed with thyroid imbalance in 2013 which was medically treated for a year.


Fast forward a little, we got married in 2016, so I came off the pill and my periods seemed to return. However, during a period of stress at work in 2017, my periods stopped for several months. I was told following an ultrasound that there was evidence of polycystic ovaries.  

It wasn't until later in 2017 during the womb healing training course, the realisation hit me with loud messy sobs that I was desperate to be a Mum and that I had been holding back, saying things like "if it happens, it happens" not daring to officially try for fear of failure.


One of the women on the course was sat looking radiantly pregnant. Her story mirrored mine almost exactly. This was the moment I knew I could get pregnant, but there was work to do.


I wanted to try the natural route first, so reduced sugar, alcohol, ate better, exercised more, had reflexology and aromatherapy treatments and charted the moon cycle. I meditated and performed energy healing for my womb each day, but although my cycle returned, nothing happened. 

Eventually in 2018, while on a fertility reflexology training day (my professional training and personal story are interwoven as you can see!) I met a natural fertility specialist, she made so much sense!


What she said was needed to conceive was pretty much what we were doing, with one key difference. There wasn't room in our life for a baby. That was it! We slowed down and I put additional strategies in place to reduce stress and develop a fertility mindset. I began to heal physically and emotionally. By January 2019 we were pregnant! 

I know it isn't always easy to navigate the journey to health and fertility. There's so much information out there on the net, it can be completely overwhelming and this just adds to the stress!


That's why it's my passion to support my clients every step of the way, with tailored, individualised programs and the mindset tools to help you to succeed.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your needs, please get in touch.

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