You Are More Than A Label

You are so so much more than a label  When trying time conceive, or when you’re having menstrual symptoms, it can be really helpful to get a diagnosis.

What isn’t always as helpful is to hear the words that can go along with that diagnosis. “Infertile” “no cure” “lifelong illness.” So definite and potentially life defining. I ask you not to be defined by the label. You are not the label. You’re an amazing, incredible, one of a kind masterpiece.

Your body wants to be in harmony and is striving every minute of eve day for balance, it’s what our body does. What these labels fail to sometimes offer are practical ways that you can support your body to regulate and even heal. Simple things, like nutrition that works for your body and for your lifestyle, not what the internet says you need.

Ways to shift your mindset so that instead of seeing your downfalls in other people’s fortunes, you see it as an omen that better things are coming your way. If it can get better for them, it can get better for you and anyway, why compare??? You are you, a wonderful, perfect creation, not anyone else. When you’re able to stay in your lane and know your medical status, but not be owned by it, amazing things can happen.

If you’d like some help with nutrition, lifestyle, mindset shifts or just some general support please drop me a message. I offer free initial chats to see what I could help with. It may feel like your diagnosis is so final, but I assure you that so much can be done in healthy, evidence based, loving and natural ways. Infertility can become sub-fertility, incurable becomes manageable. Let’s have a chat and see how you can regain some clarity and control ⭕️️

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