I know how hard it can feel when you’re struggling with something that is meant to be a natural part of who you are. Your cycle has become something that creates stress, pain, discomfort or causes you to feel incomplete or like a failure.

I want to help you feel differently. I want you to be able to stop sitting up late at night looking for solutions. I want you to feel empowered and learn to understand your unique body and the things that affect it.

You want to find balance, be able to reset your mindset, support your menstrual cycle and fertility. I'm here to help you to feel understood, empowered and find happiness in the here and now.

After working with me, my clients learn how to support themselves through menstrual cycle conditions, hormonal imbalance, polycystic ovaries, PMT, painful periods, endometriosis, unexplained infertility, cysts, fibroids, pregnancy loss, irregular or short cycles, heavy periods or any of the cycle related issues you might encounter, such as stress, pain, bloating, fatigue, poor sleep, upset digestion or brain fog.

I also know that it’s not all about the symptoms, so I’m also here to support you through the difficult events and hard days.

It’s time to start to work with your body and not against it, to notice and work with the cycles that surround us. You are connected to Mother Nature and the Luna cycles through your womb.

Whether you have been trying for a baby for a while, or managing a condition such as PCOS, you may feel like you’ve exhausted all the options, but there is so much we can do together to make sure you’re in the best position possible and I am here to help. 

It’s a lot for you to deal with, but we can work together to change how you feel and how you manage it all.

Your body works in cycles and it isn’t just about your period. I’m here to help you understand your hormonal cycle and be able to work with it, rather than feel like you’re fighting it.

Nature shows us the importance of cycles – a time to rest, a time to bloom, a time to release – and your body wants you to work within your own cycles as well. I know you’re ready. Ready to make the changes you need to make, to start listening to your body, to be in tune with the environment around you, to create the right mindset to bring balance and find joy in things again.

I have a toolbox full of techniques to help you on your journey including coaching, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, and menstrual cycle charting. Each session is bespoke and agreed with you before we commence to ensure you get the most from your appointment.

I am also an authorised Moon Mother, which means I can offer you womb healing and blessings which are the most gorgeous and nurturing treatments that can be provided online. As well as being able to provide the Munay Ki 13th Rite of the Womb, a powerful womb healing passed down through an ancient lineage of women.

I want to help you have this time to learn about yourself, your body and to feel the power of the amazing cycle that your body takes you through, as you learn to listen to the whispers of your womb.

Work with me one to one to:

  • Manage stress and increase calm and relaxation. Decrease negative self-talk and excessive worry.

  • Learn how to chart and step into flow with your cycle. Feel empowered and in control.

  • Have non-judgmental, supportive contact with someone independent who listens and holds space for you to be completely honest about your feelings, without holding back.

  • Restore balance through relaxation, positive cognitive changes, visualisation, nourishment, mindful movement and lifestyle tweaks.

  • Recognise and release conscious or subconscious fears and barriers to conception.

  • Restore hormonal balance, regulate the natural balance in your nervous system, regulate and restore your healthy immune system function.

  • Feel worthy of having whatever it is that you desire, whether it's improved wellbeing, optimised fertility, or learning to chart and balance your menstrual cycle.

  • Learn strategies to feel less anxious and increase your energy and overall sense of wellbeing.

  • Implement supportive habits and self-love that will help you to increase your self-worth.

  • Let go of conscious and subconscious beliefs or fears holding you back from achieving your goals.

  • Create more balance, ease and flow in your life and work. Learn how to manage your work in tune with your cycle.

*Between 3 and 12 appointments are recommended to gain the most from your sessions, discounts are available for block bookings following your initial session*

Womb To Rise® fertility coaching is bespoke to you, I do not provide a one size fits all approach, as your needs are as individual as you are.

As an ex. nurse of 12 years, an accredited hypnotherapist, coach, Reiki Master Practitioner, Holistic & Fertile Body Therapist and menstruality mentor, my approach is unique and focuses on my S.S.H.I.N.E System™

Subconscious Beliefs & Mindset

Soul & Cycle Alignment

Habits and Daily Aligned Actions

Intuition and Inner Wisdom.

Nervous System Reset.

Energetic & Emotional Healing.

Our work together will help to manage anxiety, improve your sleep and support mindful daily habits. So you can feel grounded and enjoy a deeper sense of self-worth, self-trust and alignment with your desires.

Re-connect with your cycle, intuition & inner knowing

Rewire your brain to adopt positive beliefs and mindset

Balance your hormones and optimise your cycle

Heal your emotions, heart and self-worth. Develop self-love

Balance your creative womb energy centre

I’ve learnt so much from Hayley about my cycle, she’s taught me and opened my eyes. I used to think “why track, as don't want a baby” but it really has had many other benefits too... more self-awareness less pains. etc. Powerful!

"I had the pleasure of a 1:1 with Hayley last week and can highly recommend it.Hayley has this incredible energy & presence and helped me quiet my mind and listen to my inner guidance. It was a transformational experience."

"Working with Hayley has been just what I needed at this point of my TTC journey. Her gentle nature and sympathetic ear has made me feel heard, supported and reassured.

I love the many aspects that her fertility coaching covers. From her knowledge on women's health, to meditation, visualisation and aromatherapy, I like the message she brings in connecting back to your body and

your cycle - When you are struggling with fertility it can be a difficult relationship! She has helped me stay calm, positive and hopeful, and talked me down when I am overthinking or dealing with guilt or shame around me natural feelings.

I've no doubt that she would be a great support system for any women trying to understand their body and cycle better.”

“I wasn't sure what to expect from the call but Hayley has a very warm energy and I felt instantly at ease. This isn't always easy when meeting someone over Zoom. In all, I thought it was brilliant, Hayley is clearly very good at what she does.”

"During the call I felt understood, listened to, just talking through things was like a light bulb moment every time. I can see that working with Hayley will bring clarity, healing, focus and confidence. I am worthy and don't have to figure out things alone."

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