Unleash the wisdom of your womb

Does this sound like you?

  • You're looking for a natural way to support yourself, your hormones, and to optimise, or work with your menstrual cycle

  • You'd love to discover a way to honour your mind, body and soul in just a few powerful minutes a day.

  • You yearn for a way to take care of yourself that feels aligned and manageable, no matter how busy you are.

  • You're ready to connect with your Womb To Rise® take control and reclaim your intrinsic feminine power.

We are cyclical beings, craving connection, balance and ancient wisdom. Sign up to the Womb Wisdom course to unlock the mysteries of your womb, for an empowered, beautiful life.

Everything you need to get started charting and journaling with your cycle.

Learn about each phase of your cycle for self-care, manifesting your goals and working in tune with your energy,

Includes journal prompts, workbooks, meditations and videos to support you.

Connect with your intuition, your inner rhythms and the cycles of the moon and the seasons.

Contains beautiful self-care and journaling rituals.

As well as aromatherapy and crystal recommendations for each phase to support your womb connection.

You'll receive all of this...

Support & Community

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook® support group, ask questions and connect with others on a similar path, as well as free womb healing events and additional resources.

Guides, Journals & Workbooks

  • PDF download of the 175 page Womb To Rise® Journal

  • Guide to the energy and gifts of each menstrual cycle phase, as well as ideas to weave this power and wisdom through your life.

  • Menstrual Journal to record how you feel during each phase, menstrual diary and guide to self-care for each phase.

  • Work and business task guide for each phase and beautiful Moon & Menstrual Wisdom workbook.

  • Physical signs charting guide and gorgeous menstrual chart.

  • Monthly planner explaining how to manifest and achieve goals in flow with your cycle. A guide to living, working and self-care during each phase of your cycle.

Holistic Hormone Harmony Resources

  • 4 day hormone reset guide

  • Blood sugar control toolbox

  • Mood boosting foods toolbox

  • Heal your gut toolbox

  • Nutrient cheatsheet

  • Beautiful Breakfasts Guide

Meditation Recordings

  • Connect with your inner body visualisation

  • Shining Pink Womb Fertility visualisation

  • Hormone Harmony Crystal Cavern visualisation


  • Physical signs charting guide and gorgeous full colour menstrual chart.

  • Basal body temperature chart and charting guide

  • Moon cycle chart

  • Food & mood chart

Video Recordings

  • Charting the moon for self-care and success recorded workshop (37 minutes)

  • Womb Healing & Womb Energy Activation Session Recording (50 minutes)

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Client Love...

I've learnt so much from Hayley about my cycle, she’s taught me and opened my eyes. I used to think “why track, as don't want a baby” but it really has had many other benefits too... more self-awareness less pains. etc. Powerful!

— Steph

"I’m listening to the hypnosis recordings each night and have never slept better! Sleep is something I’ve always struggled with but now I’m asleep before even half way through the recording!"

- Kary

"I highly recommend these incredible courses. I have almost completed my first one and I am so happy at what I have learned so far. I cant wait to delve into my second course. You will not be disappointed."

— Vanessa

"I am on week 2 and thoroughly enjoying this course, I highly recommend it,

 Hayley is wonderful and a delight to listen to.

— Vanessa

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